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My name is Laurie Groh, MS, LPC.  I am a professional counselor and AODA Specialist (click on my bio to learn more about me).  This site is meant for those that are looking to make changes in their life.  Counseling is not just for those that have a disorder but for those wanting to improve their life, relationships, and future.  I offer video and email counseling through this site. Click services offered for more information.  I also offer face to face counseling to set that up online, please click HERE.  For more information on Shoreside Therapies and other wonderful therapists that I work with, please check out our site at

For those interested in video or email counseling.  Please take time to read the privacy policy, by paying for the session you are agreeing to this policy and understand the possible advantages and disadvantages to online counseling.

Please feel free to check Wisconsin DRL for a credential check.  I am a licensed Professional Counselor.  My license number is 4355-125. License Individual Credential Search

I take pride in a quick response, and I will get you an appointment within the week. At minimum, I will respond to initial calls/emails within 48 hours, unless it is the weekend or holiday. When you make your initial contact and please indicate the following:
    1. Name and number
    2. Availability
    3. Reason for seeking counseling (“relationship” “anger”, etc)
    4. Type of counseling (face to face, video, email, group, class)
    5. Insurance, if planing on using insurance (note I only use out of network benefits)

You can book your appointment right here.


I now have openings for individual,  family, and couples counseling in Whitefish Bay.  To set up an appointment, please call, email, or make an appointment online.  Click here to contact me.


Please contact me if you would like me to speak at your business, school, agency or university.  I have experience teaching the following topics:


Video counseling has many benefits.  It is possible to engage in counseling at your home, office, or if you are out-of-town.  It is possible to have counseling if you are homebound or live in a remote area.  Online counseling can be less intimidating with no stigma attached.  Online counseling is more affordable than traditional mental health counseling.  It can also be extremely short-term.  If you just want some quick advice or suggestions this is a great place to visit!  Positive changes are just a few clicks away!  Here is a few things to remember.

  1. Skype is required in order to have video session, my username is LaurieGrohHealthyLiving
  2. A scheduled appointment is necessary before a video session.
  3. Payment is necessary before any session.
  4. Bundle and save a little!
  • 1 Video Session 45 Min $160
  • 3 Video Session 45 Min $475
  • 6 Video Session 45 Min $925

Why 45 Minutes? This helps to ensure that I can take a break between clients to regroup and fully focus on your needs.  This is the typical “hour” session in most counseling agencies.


Email Counseling is counseling through emails, thus feedback and interaction are delayed. One advantage, however, is that you can take as much time as necessary to compose in writing what you want to express and to contemplate what has been written to you before responding. I offer 4 types of email counseling sessions:

  • 1 Response $40
  • 3 Responses $100
  • 6 Responses $190
  • unlimited monthly $350

With each service you get:

  • A confidential and concise initial evaluation  to help me to understand your needs.
  • Interactive counseling, with detailed emails, allowing you to respond to questions and suggestions and get comprehensive feedback.
  • A guaranteed 48 hour response, but typically within 24 hours.

**Note: Weekends and holidays are not counted in the response time. 
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