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10 Herbs to Promote Fertility and Increase Your Chances of Conception Naturally – Yahoo! Voices –

Red Raspberry Leaf

Red Raspberry leaf is an excellent source of calcium, magnesium and iron. It helps strengthen the uterus and is safe to use from preconception to post birth. It can help with leg cramps during pregnancy It can also help with morning sickness during early pregnancy.


Vitex is one of the most used herbs for boosting fertility in women. It helps regulate irregular menstrual cycles and heavy bleeding. It is great for women suffering from ovarian cysts and also women who are not ovulating regularly. It is also used to help alleviate the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Vitex is a tonic herb and should be used over the course of several months. It is best to take it in tincture form daily.


High in calcium and iron content, nettles are extremely nourishing to the reproductive and adrenal systems. They also contain folic acid which is an important nutrient when trying to conceive as it can help prevent birth defects and aides in implantation and cell division.


Oatstraw is a mild nervine and nourishing tonic herb. It is a mild aphrodisiac and also a wonderful hormone balancer. You can use cut and sifted oatstraw in teas and also add oatmeal daily to your diet.


Damiana is a wonderful aphrodisiac and helps promote fertility in men and women. it can help balance irregular menstrual cycles and helps nourish the reproductive system. It can be used in a tea or tincture. Mix it with equal parts of lemon balm in a tea ball for a delicious tea.


Maca is a root native to Peru. It is taken dried in capsule form. Is useful for both men and women. It helps increase sperm count and is great for boosting the libido. It is useful for those suffering from PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome) and endometriosis. it can help regulate the reproductive hormones and improves the health of the female egg.


Another great tonic herb it helps nourish the reproductive organs in both men and women. It is vitamin rich and will keep you healthy.

Red Clover

Red clover is an all purpose fertility booster. It is also a blood purifier. This herb takes awhile to build up in the system though so it is best to start taking it a few months before trying to conceive. Red clover is rich in vitamins and helps regulate the reproductive system. This herb is helpful for those with sporadic periods. It is a general fertility tonic and is best used in an infusion (tea). A great recipe is to use it with a pinch of peppermint in a tea ball. The father to be will also benefit from drinking red clover tea as well. Do Not take red clover if you are due to have surgery or have clotting disorders.

False Unicorn

This herb has been used in Native American healing for centuries to promote fertility. False Unicorn helps with male impotence as well as promoting a healthy menstrual cycle as well as recurrent miscarriages.

Saw Palmetto

A great fertility herb for men it helps nourish the reproductive system and promote fertility. It can also be used my women for regulating your cycle. It can be taken in capsule form.

All of these herbs can be ordered online or found at your local health food store.

It is best to start an herbal regimen long before you start trying to conceive as a lot of herbs are tonic herbs and take awhile to build up in the system. If you are having trouble conceiving herbs may do the trick for you when used correctly and on a regular basis.

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