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By - Laurie Groh

Closet DIY: Make A Scarf and Accessory Hanger – Spark & Chemistry

Closet DIY: Make A Scarf and Accessory Hanger 03/04/20148 Comments If you couldn’t get enough of the other accessory hangers, I’ve created another hanger for you to try!  And this one gives special attention to your scarves.  If you’re like me, you have a closet tub full of different scarves piled on top of each other (guilty).  I know I

By - Laurie Groh

Homemade Energy Drink – StumbleUpon

I started out with the intention of coming up with a recipe for a homemade version of the store bought energy drinks, but after doing some research and discovering how unhealthy they are for you, I decided instead to try and design a less sugar/caffeine fueled way to help myself through the workday afternoon sleepy slump. What I landed on