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By - Laurie Groh

Best Tips for a Better Relationship: Improving Your Relationship Can Be as Easy as Improving Yourself – Yahoo! Voices –

1. Don’t Say Things in Anger – We’ve all done it. Lost our temper in the middle of a fight with a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife and shouted something we later regret. The first tip to help get a better relationship is simple. Don’t say things in anger, because I’ll guarantee you will regret them later. Take a deep breath, calm down and, once you’re calm and had time to think, tell your partner what’s really making you angry. Surprisingly, you’ll often find out it’s not the thing you thought it was, and you won’t have to regret saying that it was.

2. Trust Your Partner – So many times I hear people complaining about their relationships, and then I realize they don’t trust their partner. Never have. Without trust, a relationship will never be a healthy one. So, until you know any different, trust that what your partner is telling you and doing can be trusted. Men especially need to be trusted; it’s the cornerstone of any healthy relationship with a woman. Trust him, and you could be shocked at how much healthier your relationship suddenly becomes because, after all, if you don’t trust someone, they often start to do things you accused them of. After all, if you think they’re doing it, they might as well. Right?

3. Be Complimentary – People love compliments, but very few of us in relationships actually give them. Men and women love compliments so give them freely. Men especially love to get compliments as, more than women, they very rarely receive them. Make a vow to yourself. Give your partner a new compliment at least two or three times a week and see how quickly your relationship will become better.

4. Stand Up To Your Partner – Don’t let yourself be trodden on or rode roughshod over by your partner. Stand up for yourself and don’t accept bad behavior. Surprisingly, the less you put up with bad behavior, the less likely you are to get it. Men and women respect people who respect themselves so stand up for yourself and your partner will respect you more too.

5. Always Think of ‘We’ – Too many people in relationships think about ‘me’ and not ‘we’. A relationship is made up of two people. Make sure you make decisions that are healthy for both of you and your relationship will automatically become a better one.

6. Talk to Each Other – The best relationship advice in the world is this – talk to each other. When you’ve got problems or concerns, or things just don’t seem to be going right, don’t talk to your friends, talk to each other. Nobody else, except the people in the relationship really know what’s going on in it or understands what the problems are. Talk to each other, don’t hide anything, and work things out together.

7. Don’t Treat Your Partner Like The Enemy – So many people treat their girlfriends and boyfriends, husbands and wives, like the enemy. They’re not. They’re actually supposed to love you and you them so, if you’re treating your partner like the enemy, stop it! Treat him or her like an ally and, unsurprisingly, they’ll probably become one.

8. Talk About Your Partner The Way You Want Him/Her To Be – People usually become what we tell them they are. If we tell them they’re “stupid”, “lazy”, “rude”, “disrespectful”, then that’s what they usually become. But, if you are constantly telling them they are “smart”, “handsome”, “kind” and “a good person”, fascinatingly, that’s what they become. Never tell your partner that he or she is something negative or you may get what you didn’t wish for.

9. Nagging is the Worst Thing You Can Do – Most men who have affairs often say it’s because they lived with a nagger. Nothing they ever did was right, and most of it was wrong. Imagine going home every day and being told exactly what you’re doing wrong. It’s not surprising that many men have affairs because they want to be with someone who makes them feel good about themselves. When you feel yourself nagging, stop it. Nagging is absolute poison to a relationship and, besides, you married a grown-up right? So why do you suddenly have to become his mother?

10. Spend Time Together – Too many people are so obsessed with making money and buying stuff, they don’t spend enough time with their partner. Spend quality time every day with your partner, even if it’s just watching a TV show together, doing the dishes together, or putting the kids to bed together. It’s the little things in a healthy relationship that keep it healthy but spending time together is a big one.

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