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By - Laurie Groh

Have you got what it takes?

The workout consists of 8 set of 5 exercises. The first set starts with 99 reps of each except the push-ups you do 9 reps. Each subsequent set is 11 reps less than the previous set. The 9th set is just an 11 minute run, jog, walk…whatever you can do after almost an hour of calisthenics.

The exercises are fairly explanatory. Jumping jacks and crunches are what they usually are. The wall sit is a squat with your back against the wall. You go down as low as you can and hold the position. Knee lifts you do while standing just alternating raising each knee as high as you can. Push-ups are fairly standard too, though you can always do them on your knees if you need to.

So….do you dare?

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