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By - Laurie Groh

It’s “me” time, not “mom” time

“Mom time” vs. “Me time”

“Mom time” starts when the kids wake up and continue until the last stray sock is tossed in the laundry basket at night. “Mom time” is what you have when you are carpooling and fixing lunches and curing boo-boos with a kiss. And that’s wonderful.

But sometimes, you just need to be you. That’s why taking a little “me time” away from the kids and responsibilities is so important too (not just to you either — to the kids too). And do call it “me time” — because it’s about you.

“I have a strong philosophy that if Mom isn’t happy then the children won’t be happy. Take 10 minutes to meditate, get a quick 10-minute back massage at the local nail salon, look through a magazine, or even take 10 minutes to make a phone call to a friend, completely unrelated to work, just to say hi. This time will rejuvenate you and allow you a much needed break,” says Lyss Stern, founder of Divalysscious Moms and author of If You Give a Mom a Martini, which was recently optioned to be a movie.

Besides the benefits for your psyche, it’s also good for the kids to see you taking care of yourself. “They will mirror the behaviors of those around them so the best way to help them learn to go after their dreams is to do it yourself! Show them that it’s OK to have interests and goals and to go after them,” says Kristen Brown founder/president of Happy Hour Effect.

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