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My Favorite Apps for Mental Health

Habit List $3.99

start a new habit & reminds you to do it

  • Easy checking off of goals
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Choose from 3 kinds of schedules: Specific Days, Non-specific Days, or

    Intervals. So you can schedule your workouts M-W-F, bring lunch to work any 4 days per week, or write a blog post every 2-3 days.

    Way of Life $4.99; 3 Habits for free

    Easy & simple similar to Habit list; put negative “behavior” or “positive”
    As you collect more and more information you will be able to easily spot positive and negative trends in your lifestyle:

  • Am I exercising as much as I thought?
  • Eating less and less fast food?
  • Getting the fruits and vegetables I need?


  • Bar charts with trend lines & pie charts
  • Tagging, Skipping & Sharing
  • Archive completed goals
  • Multiple daily reminders
  • Note-taking capability
  • Updating takes less than a minute a day
  • Backup/Restore via Dropbox
  • Export to Dropbox, E-mail or another App as a CSV or Excel file.

    Breath2Relax free

  • Portable stress management tool
  • hands on diaphragmatic breathing exercises
  • Learn about stress through demonstration
  • Results page shows graph of self-reported feelings before and after

Smiling Mind free

  • Meditation made easy, a tool that provides calmness, clarity, and contentment
  • Pre-Evaluation to assess where you are
  • Reinforce to students that mindfulness requires practice

    Fluid Monkey free

  • Interact with liquid-smear paint, mud, water
  • Good for 1:1 de-escalation or relaxation

    CBT Thought Record Diary free

  • An easier/discrete way to journal your thoughts
  • Come up with alternative thoughts
  • Challenge those thoughts
  • Think of the outcome

    Q & A Diary Roller Journal

  • Asks you questions to help you right
  • passcode to protect those thoughts
  • different packs- writers, travelers, eat well

    Mindshift free

  • Dealing with Anxiety & Worry
  • Educates
  • Assesses
  • Give tools to help
  • Designed for teens Emotionary+
  • Word dictionary for emotions
  • Helps adolescents identify a feeling, develop their emotional vocabulary
  • Students can go back and reflect on their emotions

• Emotional intelligence is an important factor in academic achievement, employment success, and personal well-being.


  • Great tool for problem solving
  • Allows to person to identify what they are already doing right and tips on how to

    take the next step

  • Ask the user to identify feelings/rank them and thoughtfully state the problem at

    hand, who is involved, and sort thought cards into categories of “so me” and “not so me”

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