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By - Laurie Groh

Overcoming Mother’s Guilt | Being a Working Mom

Steps to Feeling Secure

To ease the guilt of working mothers, Jones recommends:

Finding a nurturing daycare arrangement that will allow for last-minute emergency care when necessary.

Developing a support system that includes people who understand your working situation and your desire to do the best job you can with your children.

Focusing on the positive things that you bring to your family.

Recognizing that you are an individual with interests and passions beyond your role as a mother.

Laura, a mother of two, decided to keep her job because her family needed the money, but her desire was to be an at-home mother. “I really wanted to spend more time with my children. My job was very stressful, and I was desperate for a break from it. Everyone kept telling me that I’d get bored staying at home, so I decided to pursue a hobby which gave me an identity aside from being a mother. It turned out to be something that I really enjoy doing.”

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