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By - Laurie Groh

Parent Cafe

What are Parent Café’s?

FUN….….FREE..….supportive …… Educational…… PARENT-LED             get-togethers where parents can talk openly with one another about the struggles of parenting and ways to strengthen their families.  Over the course of three evenings (you don’t have to come to all three), parents discuss three separate themes:

  1. Taking care of yourself
  2. Raising strong children
  3. Building strong relationships with your children

Why should you come to a Parent Café?

  • Get ideas for managing the challenges of parenting
  • Build friendships and get support from other parents – while getting a little break!
  • Grow into a stronger and more flexible parent/caregiver
  • Get some time to reflect on your family, and how important you are, as a parent!

At the end of the Café’s parents have described feeling:  “great, “  “refreshed,”  “positive,”  “gratitude,”  “pride,”  “trust,”  “thankful,” “excited,”  “validated,” “challenged,” and “enlightened”

Who can attend Parent Café’s?

Anyone in a parenting role! Moms, dads, relative caregivers, foster parents, etc. are welcome! It doesn’t matter if your kids are toddlers or teenagers, whether you’re a new or a seasoned parent – Cafés are for all parents.

Can I attend more than one Café?

You can come to as many as you like! They are organized as a series of three, each focused on a specific theme – but each Parent Café is so unique that you can attend two Café’s on the same theme – but there will be different people, different questions to discuss and different conversations which emerge.

Where will the Parent Café’s take place?

Locations will shift around the city, so that people from all parts of Milwaukee can attend Café’s. The Café’s will remain at one location for three rounds, and will then shift locations for the next three rounds.

What about childcare and meals?

Childcare is provided. Children must be registered to ensure enough childcare providers and food!

The Café’s always start with a meal (free!). Parents and kids eat separately, giving parents a break and time to connect with other adults.

 Who is sponsoring the Parent Café’s?

Parent Café’s are being brought to Milwaukee through the Greater Milwaukee Parent Café Collaborative, a joint effort between several State, non-profit and private agencies.

How do I sign up?

Register for the Café and for child care at: or (414) 964-7397

How can I get more information?

Call Jessica at:  (414) 964-7399

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