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By - Laurie Groh

Positive Parenting

I’ve read a few books by Amy Mccready, author of If I Have to Tell you One More Time  and The Me, Me, Me Epidemic, in the past and I implemented using special time with my 2 oldest children when I was noticing my middle child was struggling with behavior issues. It worked to help our relationship and she really craved this time and attention and power (choice over what we did with the time). The basics are: 10-15 minutes a day (2 times a day if you can) and they pick what you play with and it is total focus on them. It seemed like it wasn’t a lot of time and I thought I was doing it already but I really wasn’t, at least I wasn’t calling it that and getting credit for it. This one technique is worth the price of this program. Amy goes into details on this program to help you through the ins and outs. I can also help you through how to do it and the common issues that arise. I now implemented this with all 4 kiddos and I am happily “legoed out” I’m not perfect at it and you don’t have to be either. Amy gives you ways to deal with it when you can’t quite get to special time in a day. Another part of this program that was amazing was the expert series on bedwetting. I’m really sad that I didn’t hear this information a year ago. I did my best to not make my son feel like it was his fault but the truth is, I know I did. I would get frustrated night after night because it was happening so often. I would grumpily take his sheets off and get upset in the middle of the night. I talked to him about it after I listened to Steve Hodges, M.D. author of It’s No Accident, and the children’s book Bedwetting and Accidents Aren’t Your Fault. I apologized to him about treating him like it was his fault although I never verbally said that it was, I sure acted like it was his fault. We talked about it and talked about some solutions. Glad I tried to repair it but I wish I would have listened to this earlier.

If you are struggling with bedwetting, attention seeking behavior, or entitlement I urge you to try out the program or pick up one of the books mentioned above. You will not be disappointed.

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Here is the link for Amy’s Program if you are interested.

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