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By - Laurie Groh

When Anxiety Attacks: Anxiety Workshop

When Anxiety Attacks: Anxiety Workshop Nov 12,2013 –     Time: 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm  only $40 for a 2 hour seminar Practically everybody knows what it is like to feel anxious or worried in our high-pressure world. Anxiety might stop you from being happy and doing what you really want to do with your life. Learn about  mind-body techniques that

By - Laurie Groh

Teas for Mental Health and Well Being

Best Teas for Mental Health and Well Being My goal this week it to find more information on tea and the mental health benefits.  Some teas help with tension, stress, sadness, sleep difficulties, even lactation and bowel movements. First I will share (and give you a link) my favorites, which I believe do have a benefit.  I have personally found

By - Laurie Groh

Good Herbal Teas for Anxiety

Catnip Research conducted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administrationand other health associations have claimed that herbal remedies, including catnip tea, contain a natural composition of various compounds that affect the brain, heart and mind. Catnip is used widely for soothing an upset stomach that may be related to anxiety. It contains nepetalactone, which acts as a sedative in humans.

By - Laurie Groh

Herbal Tea for Anxiety

Ingredients The ingredients needed to make a homemade soothing herbal tea are a tablespoon each of dried chamomile flowers, peppermint leaves passionflower hops St. John’s Wort lavender All ingredients should be organic and fresh. You should be able to find these ingredients at your local herbal shop. Materials The materials needed to make this herbal tea are a medium jar,

By - Laurie Groh

5 Natural Herbs for Anxiety

Passion Flower Passion Flower acts as a non-drowsy, natural sedative that relieves intermittent nervousness, anxiety and panic attacks.  It’s actually the vine of the passion flower that holds the soothing effects. Rather than knock you out or make you sleepy, passion flower will make you feel emotionally balanced.  It won’t give you a hyper, happy or excited feeling.  Instead, passion

By - Laurie Groh

Identifying Irrational Thoughts | Psych Central

Problematic thought styles include: Catastrophizing. Seeing only the worst possible outcome in everything. For example, your child might think that because he failed his algebra test he will get an F for the semester, everyone will know he’s stupid, the teacher will hate him, you will ground him, and moreover, he’ll never get into college, and on and on. No