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By - Laurie Groh

The 6-week master plan

La Famille: the 6-week master plan.

Two Mondays ago I was feeling draggy…like unmotivated-like. My family is coming the third week in May and my brain was all funked as to what I should do with my growing to-do list with Etsy and school and obligations and how I was going to get it all done and how it’s so hard to get back in the swing of school after a big visit like that.  

I called my friend, Robin, and asked her what I should do. Ms. Robin and I need plans. We need action plans.  She suggested making a six-week plan for school.  To just write out everything I wanted to get done this school year and pack it in to 6 weeks.

Brilllllliant, Robs!! Simply brilliant!! 

(Maybe it seemed super duper brilliant to me because when my brain gets all twisty with to-dos, sometimes I can’t think past the end of my nose, you know?)

So I took the whole “plan out your last 6 weeks of school thing” and multiplied it times a billion or so. Alllll last week I organized my planner, lesson plan book, papers, calendars, menus and more. For the next six weeks, I. will. have. a. plan.
We have just finished week one of the 6-week plan.

And can I just say….we totally rocked week one!

One of the things I did was reorganize my planner. I love my planner. I talked about it back here. The thing was though, it was getting all beat up and it was unorganized with random papers shoved in it. Martha Stewart helped me spiff up my planner. (thanks, girl.)

Here’s the break down of how the masta-planna is looking now.

Calendar Section: pretty straight forward
Daily Section: tasks, daily schedule, blog schedule, and to-do sheets
Do you like to dig in people’s business and find out how they organize? Just me? Ok well if not, here’s a bit more detail…(keep in mind I am not normally this anal, but this IS a 6-week marathon of sorts, so one must plan out the details.)




In the Menu Section I typed a list of 12 meals to rotate over the next six weeks. I have been terrible about planning my menu and have not been very good about making dinner so this way I have 12 meals that I know are good and I’m not allowing myself to stray from it. Of course we’ll eat out our fair share too so I don’t think we’ll get tired of these meals.


Behind the Meal Plan page I have a Weekly Menu chart that I found HERE that I love. I printed off a whole bunch of these because I was out and put them in.

List Section: Target, Groceries, Library, Liquor Store…ha! Just kidding (I think)

Etsy Section: This is where I keep lists of ideas and notes and custom orders I’m working on.

The rest of the planner is:
Project Section: lists and ideas of things I want to do or work on; organize school bookshelves, paint boys’ beds, decorate a giant “S” and hang in Sophia’s room…stuff like that.
Book List: this is where I keep track of what I’ve read and what I want to read. If I don’t write it down I’ll forget.
Address Section: I know what you’re thinking, that I should have all that in my phone. But I’m more of a pencil/ paper kinda girl. I’ve had this address list for years.
So that’s the master planner right there. It goes in my purse where ever I go.
Then there’s the lesson plan book that I totally attacked and filled to the brim. When I say “to the brim” that means our brim. I know how much we can handle. Or should I say, I know how much I can handle so it’s full but it’s just right.
I planned out and organized everything I want to cover for these last six weeks. We’ll finish our history curriculum and do some fun unit studies. This week we finished a super fun study on bread of all things…it was so fun! I’ll share more on that later. I planned out several fun field trips to go with our last few unit studies.  We’re also finishing up our language arts books and organizing all our papers. We will not, however, be completing our math books. Both boys will finish the year with several lessons left.
And guess what???
I don’t care.
Normally I would care.
A wise soul recently reminded me that never hardly in school did we ever fully complete a textbook and that’s so true.
I’m not going to fret it, so there.
The other thing I organized last week was a Master Homeschool Binder. I’ve needed to do one of these for the last four years and haven’t til now. It has sheet protectors and sections and typed labels…she’s a beaut of a binder. I’m completely swoony over it.
I love it so much I will be sharing more on it soon all by it’s sweet self.
This six-week master plan has focused me.  I am excited about school once again, not just going through the motions.  I have not felt this focused and on track in months…months! Focused is good.
I love this six-week thing so much I think I will do another plan for the summer….a master summer plan perhaps? With things like a menu of 12 grilled food meals, a project list of sandcastles and making Popsicles, and a lesson plan of summer reading programs and bike rides…does that sound good?? Yes, I think it does!!
Thanks for being excited with me!! Yeah for plans! Yeah for lists!!
Happy weekend! Do you have plans?? Oh you know I do 😉


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