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By - Laurie Groh

The Best Yoga App

Best Yoga App

yoga app

This is my absolute favorite yoga app.

All in Yoga

It has so many different programs and they are repetitive so it is easy for me to follow with my own music.

I might also try


by Breitschmid Productions

This app’s videos are awesome and make it the best app for beginners. Unlike other apps, the “lessons” are full videos of the sequence and not a collection of video clips. As a result, you see how to transition from pose to pose from a real person (who as far as I’ve seen, does the poses perfectly). Unfortunately, this app only provides 8 lessons with no chance to get more and doesn’t have any options to customize the difficulty (nor does it say what the lesson’s difficulty is) or speed of your practice.

Thank you

Laurie Groh, MS LPC SAS

Mental Health Counselor at Shoreside Therapies in Whitefish Bay

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