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By - Laurie Groh

Therapy Scholarship Fund

I am starting a little scholarship fund for college students that would like to come see me.  I have a  soft spot in my heart for working with college age students.  This is such a difficult transitional time and college has so many different challenges with it.  Some students I work with are struggling with high expectations from parents, teachers and themselves.  Others are getting sucked into the partying and all that comes with that lifestyle.  Others are struggling with deciding what they want from their future and if the even want to stay in school.  On top of that counseling can be expensive, especially to a college student.  I want to help but I also have to make an income for my family of 6.  I thought affiliate marketing might be a way to have both.  Please support by review my products/books that I support (I only support products that I truly believe are amazing products/books) or donate directly.

To Apply: email

  1. Please share why you are seeking out counseling.
  2. What your goals are for counseling
  3. What you can afford weekly

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