Postpartum Rage: Why Am I So Angry?

You just brought your baby home from the hospital and while you had imagined yourself soaking up all the new baby smells, cuddles, and love, you instead find yourself feeling angry and irritable. You may be asking yourself, is this normal? Postpartum rage is an overwhelming and intense anger that can seemingly come out of nowhere. This anger is also often directed at things that normally would not bother you- like dishes in the sink, a pet getting in your way, or someone else needing something from you. These feelings can leave you feeling confused, shameful, out of control and sometimes even more angry. While postpartum rage is not an easy thing to go through, there is hope and support available to help you navigate your emotions and experience.

Common Symptoms

  • Difficulty controlling your temper
  • Dwelling on things that made you upset or angry
  • Feeling more irritable than normal
  • Increased yelling or swearing
  • Violent urges or thoughts
  • Overwhelming feelings of anger from things that normally would not bother you
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Why does this happen?

Having a baby is a big transition and change which can cause a lot of emotions such as anger. Feeling intense anger or rage is often a sign of a postpartum mood disorder like depression or anxiety. Anger is often one of the easiest emotions to express and can become our go-to response even though we may truly be feeling other emotions such as sadness, anxiety, resentment, guilt, or shame. It is important to work towards identifying the underlying emotion or issue that is causing your anger so it can be addressed, and you can get back to feeling like yourself and really enjoy those new baby cuddles.

How can therapy help? 

Therapy can be crucial in treating postpartum rage. Through the therapy process, you can work to identify your triggers and learn coping skills to better manage those difficult moments. Therapy can also help you feel less alone and provide much needed support. 

If you are feeling this way or experiencing any of these symptoms, please know you are not alone. These feelings and symptoms are very common and unfortunately not talked about enough due to the guilt and shame that can be attached to them. If you are struggling and need a nonjudgmental and caring space to talk through your experience, please reach out. 

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